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International collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We continue to expand our international network of IAN chapters, and now have an active presence in twenty-seven countries across five continents. Under the banner of IAN our international colleagues research and publish on attachment theory, train psychological clinicians and allied professions in its latest developments, inform the public on the benefits and application of attachment theory, and develop and implement new attachment theory treatment initiatives including psychotherapy, interventions in mental health,  mental health promotion, education, and interventions with communities, families and parents.  IAN’s international initiatives take the form of courses, conferences, study groups and research projects, and include collaboration with independent clinical, academic and professional institutions, at both a national and transnational level.

International Member Focus


IAN Mexico’s Dr Vanessa Nahoul Serio interviews IAN United States’ Dr Howard Steele on his latest publication: ‘COVID-19, Fear and the Future: an attachment perspective’. Clinical Neuropsychiatry (2020) 17, 2, 97-99


‘Covid-19, Help the Helper’ IAN UK, IAN Mexico and IAN China train China’s Covid-19 Support Workers

In response to the Covid-19 crisis in China, IAN Executive Committee members Mario Marrone, Roxana Para, Nicola Diamond and Christian Herreman ran a series of workshops to support the crisis team led by Xiao Bin, the Director of the Mental Health Education Centre in the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, (UCAS) and Chairman of IAN China. This was organized as a response to their plea for support and urgent need to manage their schools’ psychological assistance program. Their centre at UCAS established a remote psychological service to serve nearly 50,000 people, including all the teachers, students and staff. The seminars delivered by the International Attachment Network aimed to assist the volunteers’ crisis support roles.


IAN UK in its Spain workshop series brings together trauma clinicians to learn about Attachment, Trauma and the Emotional Regulation Techniques of yoga and cyclical meditation.

In spring/summer of this year IAN UK’s Mario Marrone (psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and group therapist, co-founder and former Chairman of the IAN – UK) and Carolina Frontini (psychologist and yoga instructor, member of the Executive Committee of the IAN – UK) held workshops in Elche and Valencia, Spain on the Attachment Adult Interview, trauma and emotional regulation.

The courses integrated theory, experiential practices and group discussion and combined the basic principles of attachment theory, relational trauma, neuroscience, the Attachment Adult Interview (AAI) and the practices of yoga and meditation.

The attendees, clinical psychologists trained in EMDR, trauma therapy and dissociation, and who work with patients who suffer from trauma, shared professional and personal experience and discussed clinical cases and how body-based interventions for trauma can complement verbal psychotherapy.

Using the AAI questionnaire they explored together how their early experiences with both parents, specifically around rejection may have affected the development of their personality and their capacity for emotional regulation. Then focusing on the emotions this exercise may have elicited, in the latter half of the workshops participants experienced practically in a teacher led session, how the techniques of Cyclic Meditation (CM) technique and Trauma Center-Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TC-TSY) encourage emotional regulation. Cyclic Meditation is a moving meditation which stimulates the body and mind using relaxation and calming techniques. It is designed to reduce psycho-physiological arousal and promote emotional self-regulation. Whereas the Trauma Center-Trauma Sensitive Yoga focuses on bottom-up processing of experience. With an emphasis on movement, breath and bodily sensations it helps manage affective arousal by raising the practitioner’s awareness of their internal states thus improving interoception function, essential in trauma-focused psychotherapy.

Both the participants and facilitators reported that they enjoyed and found clinically relevant the creative in vivo experimentation, and that was an inspiring learning experience for the growing practice of integrating body and mind approaches.

If your organisation is interested in hosting one of this series of IAN Workshops, please get in touch with us.

Our Locations

IAN Argentina

Elsa Wolfberg (Chair)

Contact: elsawolfberg@hotmail.com

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IAN Australia

Belen Estrada (Chair)

Contact: estrada.belen.m@gmail.com


IAN Brazil

Valeria Tinoco (ILC Representative)

Contact: valeria.tinoco@4estacoes.com

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IAN Canada

Prof. Marlene Moretti (Representative)

Contact: moretti@sfu.ca

IAN Chile

Christian Thomas (Chair)

Contact: cthomas@cesch.cl

IAN Colombia 

Zuleima León Valle (Chair)

(Local Chapters in Bogota, Medellin & Santa Marta)

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IAN China

Xiao Bin (Chair)

Contact: newlife2001@126.com

IAN Cuba

Joviana Castro Valiente (ILC Representative)

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IAN Ecuador

María Eugenia Ochoa (Chair)

Contact: psimaria8@yahoo.com

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IAN España

Marc Perez (Chair)

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IAN France

Christian Herreman (Chair)

IAN Greece

Μαργαρίτα Μωραΐτου (Margarita Moraitou) (Chair)

Contact: kepsipi@yahoo.gr

IAN Guatemala

Ileana Páez (Chair)

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IAN India

Rhea Gandhi (Chair)

Contact: psychotherapy.rg@gmail.com


IAN Italia

Fabio Monticelli (Chair)

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IAN Mexico

Veronica Alferez (ILC Chair)

Contact: vroalf@gmail.com

(Local Chapters in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey & Chiapas)  Facebook

IAN Netherlands

Marinus H. van IJzendoorn (Representative)



IAN Pakistan

Kashaf Sheikh (ILC Representative

Contact: kush91@gmail.com

IAN Panama

Lizzi Brostella (Chair)

Contact: lizziebrostella@gmail.com

IAN Paraguay

Franca Lacarrubba (ILC Representative)

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IAN Peru

Rolando Pomalina Rodriguez (ILC Representative)

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IAN Portugal

Isabel Soares (ILC Representative)

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Mario Marrone (Chair)

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IAN UK (North)

Jonathan Lloyd (Chair)

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IAN United States

Dr Howard Steele (Representative)

Contact: steeleh@newschool.edu

IAN Uruguay

Santiago Cabano (Chair)

Contact: santiagocabano@hotmail.com

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If you are interested in establishing an IAN Chapter in your country, please contact us.

International Liaison Committee

ILC CHAIR           

Mario Marrone (UK)


Lizzie Brostella (Panama)


Chair & ILC Representative: Elsa Wolfberg


Chair & ILC Representative: Belen Estrada


ILC Representative: Valeria Tinoco


ILC Representative: Marlene Moretti


ILC Representative: Christian Thomas


ILC Representative: Victoria Eusse


ILC Representative:  Joviana Castro Valiente


ILC Representative: Zhang Zhiyong


Chair & ILC Representative: María Eugenia Ochoa


ILC Representative: Marc Perez


Chair: Christian Herreman

GREECE – Ελλάδα

ILC Representative:Μαργαρίτα Μωραΐτου (Margarita Moraitou)


Chair & ILC Representative: Ileana Páez


Chair & ILC Representative Fabio Monticelli


ILC Representative: Veronica Alferez


ILC Representative: Kashaf Sheikh


Chair & ILC Representative: Lizzi Brostella 


ILC Representative: Franca Lacarrubba 


ILC Representative: Rolando Pomalina Rodriguez


ILC Representative Isabel Soares


ILC Representative: Marinus H. van IJzendoorn


ILC Representative: Roxana Parra


ILC Representative: Howard Steele


Chair & ILC Representative Santiago Cabano

Additional ILC Representatives 

Mauricio Cortina (USA)





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