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International collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We continue to expand our international network of IAN chapters, and now have an active presence in twenty-seven countries across five continents. Under the banner of IAN our international colleagues research and publish on attachment theory, train psychological clinicians and allied professions in its latest developments, inform the public on the benefits and application of attachment theory, and develop and implement new attachment theory treatment initiatives including psychotherapy, interventions in mental health,  mental health promotion, education, and interventions with communities, families and parents.  IAN’s international initiatives take the form of courses, conferences, study groups and research projects, and include collaboration with independent clinical, academic and professional institutions, at both a national and transnational level.

International Member Focus

Our Locations

IAN Argentina

Elsa Wolfberg (Chair)

Contact: elsawolfberg@hotmail.com

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IAN Ecuador

Juan Mayorga  (Chair)

Contact: juanpablomayorga@yahoo.com

IAN España

Marc Perez (Honorary Secretary)

Contact: marc.perez@udg.edu


IAN India

Apphia D’Souza (Chair)

Contact: apphiadsouza@gmail.com 


Mario Marrone (Chair)

Contact: drmariomarrone@gmail.com

IAN UK (North)

Jonathan Lloyd (Chair)

Contact: calmminds@gmail.com

If you reside outside of the UK, but do not have local IAN chapter and do wish to establish one, and you would like to be a member of IAN, you can join IAN UK. Just apply in the membership section of this website.

IAN Correspondents:

Australia: Belén Estrada (estrada.belen.m@gmail.com)

Brasil: Valeria Tinoco (valeria.tinoco@me.com)

Canada: Marlene Moretti (marlene_moretti@sfu.ca)

Chile: Christian Thomas (cthomas@cesch.cl)

China: Zhang Zhiyong (newlife2001@126.com)

Columbia: Victoria Eusse (vikyeusse@hotmail.com)

Cuba: Andy Rafael Friol Corrales (monteafcxp@gmail.com)

Guatamala: Ileana Páez (ileanaaurerapaez@gmail.com)

Italia: Patricia Carranza (ianitaliaattaccamento@gmail.com)

Parkistan: Kashaf Sheikh (kush91@gmail.com)

Panama: Lizzi Brostella (lizziebrostella@gmail.com)

Paraguay: Franca La Carrubba (francalac@googlemail.com)

Peru: Rolando Palomina (rolando.pamalimarodriguez@gmail.com)

Portugal: Isabel Soares (isoares@psi.uminho.pt)

Uruguay:  Laura Szteren (lszteren@gmail.com)

The Netherlands: Marinus van IJzendoorn (marinusvanijzendoorn@gmail.com)

United States: Mauricio Cortina (mcortina1945@gmail.com) & Howard Steele (steeleh@gmail.com)

Saudi Arabia: Amira Antar (amiantar@hotmail.com)

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