Promoting Understanding
of Attachment Theory

The International Attachment Network (IAN) promotes the fundamental role of attachment theory in all aspects of human connection. We advocate and educate on its application for improved outcomes in the fields of psychological health, healthcare, social care, education, public policy and beyond.

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As a membership based organisation we invite professionals for whom attachment theory forms a significant part of their work to join us in the promotion and participation of our activities. As well as ordinary membership IAN enjoys the Honorary Membership of some of the world’s leading attachment theory academics, researchers, writers and clinicians and founders and directors of established research, teaching and clinical institutions.


We create, deliver and endorse attachment theory training initiatives in the UK and internationally, either as complete professional courses, course components or as professional development initiatives.


Our goal is to reduce the gap between attachment theory research and practice in clinical and  non-clinical environments. The International Attachment Network is a research partner in an EU research initiative to improve EU-wide cross disciplinary service quality and delivery in the important area of family mental health.

International IAN

International collaboration is at the heart of what we do. Our international network of IAN chapters continues to grow, promoting attachment theory developments and application to the public and professionals in twenty-seven countries across five continents.

Our History

Established in 1992 by former colleagues of John Bowlby, leading thinkers in attachment theory came together as IAN to advance the understanding and knowledge of attachment theory through the collaboration and propagation of their research and ideas in international, academic, clinical and political arenas.

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