Attachment & Children

An innovative and dynamic course exploring contemporary developments which support secure attachment in teaching, parenting and therapeutic work.

A 1 year Certificate, and Individual Seminar Program brought to you by The International Attachment Network. 

(This follows on from year 1 of the course)

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Developing the emotional wellbeing of our children, young people, teachers and parents to enable the exploration of new possibilities for them to flourish, for those caring for children from birth to adolescence.

Attachment theory provides the most reliable and research based approach to understanding how individuals form close relationships and regulate emotions across the life span, from cradle to grave.

This series of thought provoking and skills building seminars is delivered by invited international experts in child development and parenting. For Certificate participants IAN extends the additional support of regular weekly reflective groups to reflect, share resources and ideas.

Why join?

This new International Attachment Network Attachment and Children program is carefully designed to appeal to both child professionals and parents/ carers. It will educate and up-skill participants in the ways of engaging sensitively and fruitfully in the world of the child. Participants will learn how to build properly attuned relationships with infants and young people that help foster secure attachments and deep understanding, communication and growth. The program will:

  • Make your work as a teacher or your parenting easier by bringing a deeper understanding, flexibility and fulfillment to your relationships with children.
  • Teach you the essential qualities of healthy caregiving and its interaction with the attachment (care-seeking) system, drawing on the insights from attachment theory, neuroscience and trauma research.
  • Bring to life the course lessons by facilitating exploration of your own experience of being cared for, and how that affects your caring style, helping you develop your own personal best way of caring.
  • Facilitate exchange of ideas and experiences with professionals and fellow attendees. benefiting from the experiences and insights of others.
  • Introduce you to the IAN Attachment and Children online community with regular online community reflective spaces to share, reflect & collaborate on your learning and experiences (Certificate participants only).
  • Offer practical tools and support to facilitate transformation of your parenting or working practices.
  • Educate participants in the most up to date research based understandings in essential contemporary topics such as managing tears and tantrums, the value of different types of play, the brain science of relationships, parenting in a digital age, parental separation and conflict, dispelling unhelpful myths, the impact of trauma, understanding the nervous system, transformative practices such as interfamily therapy, disciplining without the use of rewards and punishments, the power of connection, the transformative impact of listening, neurodiversity, neuropsychiatric conditions, intergenerational trauma and more.

Who is this for?

Parents, grandparents, foster parents, teachers, child support workers & infant, child and adolescent psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors and other professionals caring for children from birth to adolescence.

Who do you know who would like to be a part of this?

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Program Duration: The full program is 13 seminars running from September 2023 to July 2024. The Certificate one year program consists of 12 monthly seminars. Certificate participants are invited to attend regular reflective community meetings where learning and experiences are discussed.

The monthly seminars are scheduled to run from 10.00-12.00 on Saturdays. (Occasionally times/days vary due to international speakers time zones and may be scheduled before 10.00 or after 12.00)

Program Options:


IAN certificate in Attachment & Children – includes added features not available to single seminar attendees

£499 for the full year programme


  • Includes IAN membership (Membership of IAN costs £40 a year, with an additional £35 for 6 issues of the Journal Attachment and Development).
  • Access to all the seminars live and recorded for the duration of the course
  • Regular reflective spaces to share and discuss topics explored
  • Access to the Mighty Networks online community platform
  • Bonus materials and seminars to further your understanding of attachment
  • Gain a certificate in Attachment & Children (80% attendance)


Educational organisation package- and expanded group package that includes added features not available to single seminar attendees:

£999 for the full year programme


  • 5 participants to attend (i.e. headteacher, SENCO, teacher, support staff and a parent)
  • Also receive the recorded seminar link to be shared with staff and parents after the event so the entire community can benefit from the material.
  • The 5 participants enjoy all the benefits of the certificate course including IAN membership, access to the live and recorded seminars for the duration of the course, access to regular reflective spaces, and bonus attachment theory material.
  • Learn with over 20 hours of CPD on the latest understanding in attachment
  • Gain a huge variety of transformational approaches and strategies to support children.
  • For those attending the full programme course will be eligible for the ‘Certificate in Attachment & Children.’


Register for single seminars (live attendance only; recordings only available for 14 days for non-course attendees).

Seminar tickets are available to purchase in advance. Seminars will be advertised individually on the IAN website and eventbrite and will be mailed to IAN members.

£35 for IAN members or £40 non-members. Recordings will not be available to single seminar attendees.

Subsidized Places

For prospective attendees in countries whose monthly incomes make it difficult for you to attend or if you are in financial hardship please email with the title Attachment & Children, detailing your situation and request.

CPD: 2 hours for each monthly seminar attended and 1 hour for the regular reflective community. Seminars are structured with the first hour as an expert presentation and the second hour a discussion or creative exploration of the topic.


Terms & Conditions for Certificate and Diploma Program

Terms and conditions when purchasing for the Attachment & Children Course:

Full refund if cancelled 3 months in advance of program commencement

50% refund if cancelled 1 month in advance of program commencement

25% refund is cancelled 1 week in advance of program commencement

No refund is available to participants once the program has commenced


Contact: Rebecca Sheikh at with the heading ‘Attachment & Children’ for further information.

Speakers Include:

  • Catherine Counihan
  • Dr Andy Farnell and Kate Brown
  • Haline Schendan
  • Javier Sempere and Claudio Fuenzalida
  • Jonathan Lloyd and Theo Lloyd
  • Maggie Kline
  • Nicolas Lorenzini
  • Nicola Jones
  • Rebecca Sheikh
  • Ruth Setlak