Attachment and Memory Systems.

Format: Zoom (via Eventbrite)

Speaker: Dr Haline Schendan

Date: Saturday 13th November 14.00 – 15.30 GMT

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This Seminar is also Week 18 of our PG Certificate in Attachment Theory. Registered PG Cert students will be given a code to access free tickets on the Eventbrite page on the day of the seminar.

In this seminar, Dr Haline Schendan weaves understanding of attachment theory and research with scientific understanding of brain systems for memory to understand the role of attachment representations in behaviour. Attachment theory proposes that children develop relationship representations of the caregiver-child relationship referred to as ‘internal working models’ (IWM) that influence relationships throughout life. As learned representations, IWMs depend upon memory systems in the brain and associated mental simulation abilities. Memory systems contribute to the development, maintenance and change of IWMs. The roles of conscious and nonconscious memory systems in behaviour have important implications for how IWMs influence predictions about the world, understanding of self and others, and relationship dynamics. Memory also underlies how IWMs can change in attachment security (e.g., from more insecure to more secure) with therapeutic interventions.

About the Speaker

Haline E. Schendan, MSc, PhD is a scientist-practitioner undertaking a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology at City University of London, specializing in attachment, trauma, dissociation, memory, and personality, to capitalize on her cognitive and social neuroscience research on learning, memory, mental simulation, vision, embodied cognition, creativity, personality, temperament, and attachment in order to improve mental health and wellbeing. She has been a member of the Executive Committee of IAN-UK since 2018.